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March 3, 2011
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Atlas Protectorate, History and Technology


Established on Planets Gaea, Cronus, and Atlas in the Rhea sector


The Atlas Protectorate was established when 3 planets in the Rhea sector combined their governments, resources, military, and most importantly, technology to further the prosperity of all. The Rhea sector is a small cluster of stars approximately 2 lightyears across supporting around 6 habitable planets, which were all under the control of The Atlas.

Due to the fact that many of the major galactic players considered the Rhea sector too "backwater" to pay any attention to, they enjoyed a time of huge prosperity. Since they were on the fringes of the Karic Empire, they primarily traded in foodstuffs and technology with the Karic Empire's outposts in the

Although its a small protectorate, The Atlas held quite a large military force, as being on the fringe of "civilization" (according to the Karic citizens, at
least) has its risks. The Atlas Systems would occastionally clash with the Space Pirates while patrolling the major shipping lanes, therefore putting them on bad terms with most pirates. The Atlas also controlled major shipping lanes from Karic to the Spaces controlled by the smaller empires, gathering large sums in toll fee's.

Something that is not known about The Atlas, though, is that they had technology. They put a large chunk of their considerable GDP into Research and
Development, developing radical new technologies in laser, missile, shielding, and propulsion systems.

While The Atlas' military might seemed to be a conventional, modern military, they had ships under development that seemed to defy even the laws of atomic
interactions. Their research facilities were developing drives that tapped into the raw power of the slipspace dimension, using its properties to accelerate
a ship with little to no signature detectable by even Atlas sensors.

However, the Atlas only enjoyed its prosperity for a short time, around 200 years. The Karic Empire got a little too interested in them when a report of one Atlas Frigate taking out nine pirate freighters seemingly unharmed. Karic then started investigating, sending ships through the trade lanes to try and get readings on the Atlas patrol ships.

This raised suspicions, and the Atlas ships started stopping and wiping the sensor logs of any Karic-tagged cargo ship for the past few cycles. This maddened many in the Karic private sector, and they are those who have the real say in their government. Karic started sending military ships to protect their
shipping interests, and this show of force eventually led to a major conflict.

The Rhea Invasion by the Karic empire was swift and unexpected, even for the Atlas intellegence, which was one of the best known. On August 19th a Karic
fleet dropped out of slipspace almost on top of the trade lane patrol fleet. The battle was long and greuling, even though the numbers seemed completely
unbalanced. 60 Karic Capitol ships went up against 12 Atlas Cruisers. The Karic Admiral thought it would be a massacre, but when missiles started raining in on the Karic fleet, all hell broke loose. No one had seen range like that on a ship-bound missile before, and it caught the Karic fleet completely by
surprise. Although the Atlas fleet had superior technology in almost every way, the odds were still too vastly against them. Once the Karic fleet closed into
their effective missile envelope, there was basically nothing the Atlas ships could do. Thousands of missiles hammered at the small fleet until, eventually,
all that remained were husks of the once proud ships.

This was the beginning of the End for the Atlas Protectorate. The numbers were just too overwhelming, when going up against the might of the Karic Imperial
Navy. The final battle for Atlas pitted the entire Atlas fleet, a force of about 500 Capitol Ships with around 1000 other supporting craft, against well over 4000 battle hardened Karic Destroyers, and 91 of their legendary Juggernoughts.

In the end, the Atlas Protectorate is just a memory in the archives of the Karic Imperial Library, but some things from the Atlas live on. None of their
legendary research facilities were ever found, hidden deep within asteroid belts, and deep within planets. Some people even live right above them, oblivious to what lies miles beneath their feet.


Optic-repeating lasers
-Using a series of precisely ground lenses these lasers are focused into a beam just 90 microns in diameter. Although this seems tiny, the raw power contained is more than enough to inflict tremendous damage.

Gravitic Drive Missiles.
-These missile systems harness the power of gravity to fling themselves great distances out into space, and their drives are small enough to fit multiple

into each missile, therefore greatly increasing the range.

Countermeasure Missiles.
-These are missiles usually launched with the waves of lethal missiles that are there to foil any countermeasures employed by whoever is on the receiving
end, therefore increasing the effectiveness of a single broadside.

Slipspace Missiles.
-Using a small slipspace drive, these weapons will jump to a very close range and detonate, giving defenders only a few seconds to eliminate them.


Gravitic drive
-This drive propels a craft (or missile) along using gravities power to warp real space, causing a depression in timespace at the front of the vessel, so the ship is continually "falling" into that depression as it moves forward. These drives could theoretically accelerate a vessel instantaneously  to the speed of light, but inertial dampeners could not keep up with that acceleration.

Centipede Drive
-a Variant on the Gravitic drive, the Centipede drive just uses more like "legs" of gravity to grab onto space-time and pull itself forward, therefore
causing almost no depression in the fabric of reality, leading to nearly no detectable signature.

Slipspace disruptor drive
-This propulsion system uses the raw, untapped power of the slipspace dimensions to propel itself in real space. It creates a small slipspace rupture within the drive, and uses gravity to grab onto the torrents energy and gravity within. This drive is one of the most bizarre creations of the Atlas Laboratories, since mathematically it shouldn't be able to exist. All of the equations done said that it would never work, that it goes against even the nature of the
universe. But it does.

Gravitic Communications Systems
-Since every body in the universe acts on every other body in the universe via Gravity, the scientists at Atlas used this principle to create a faster than Light communication system. Utilizing localized pulses of gravity, they can send messages much farther distances (albeit at a less rapid pace than a light
speed comm).

Light Ray cloaking device
-For a ship to be truly invisible, even light must pass through it, or around it. This cloaking system bends light around the craft, creating the illusion
that there's nothing there.

Karic (c) The_Crimson_Wolf
History and some Technology for an old faction for a Story that Tekka Croe and I are working on.

All of this was done on a whim while brainstorming. I love backstories. And awesome Technology.

Karic (c) me
I have a question: What kind of FTL do the pople use in Terravon? I read slipspace in there but does everyone use it or different species come with different FTL? Also where can I find more backround info on Novus Imperium? Thanks.
The-Crimson-Wolf Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Generally the method of FTL travel does involve the use of "Slipspace" or "Slipstream Space." It is pretty much a separate dimension apart from the 4 normal dimensions that we experience that pretty much has currents (much like an ocean) that allow ships to grab onto these currents to travel between stars/planetary systems, which create "islands" in this "current".

We have a Novus Imperium group here on dA, if you want to look that up.
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